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MamaT’s Turmeric Teas: more than a simple sip!

When Mama T first brought her delicious and healthy beverages to the public in 2015, she was well used to the concept of helping others through the power of tea. As a homemaker of over 30 years, she made many a herbal drink to keep her family well and illness free. However, when she began to give some of her turmeric teas to friends and extended family, the response was overwhelming. Tasters reported immediate health benefits; eased joint pain, relief from arthritis, rapid improvement in gum health, and even post-workout muscle relief. But these were more than just mere compliments. Furthermore, unlike other turmeric teas, Mama T’s recipe had no bitter or foul aftertaste. Friends and Family members who tried the drinks demanded more, again and again! Eventually, the demand grew so great that Mama T realized she needed a way to provide these healthy benefits to the public. With help from her friends and family, Mama T opened to the public in January of 2015 and the results have already been astounding! What is our mission? Take the amazing anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric tea to the public. We won’t stop until everyone knows about the power of Turmeric Tea.

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